(Ecuador) Rubbing Elbows With The Cuenca Tourist Police!

How great it feels when someone reaches out and pulls you into their circle!  On a recent whirlwind trip through the Ecuadorian Andes, I asked these tourist police if I could take their photo.  They immediately made room for me while their superior volunteered for camera duty!  Hank and Marie emerged from the cathedral just in time for a chuckle!  We managed to coax Hank to join in the fun!

Dale Cooper, author of  Diary of an Internet Nobody, pulled me into his winner’s circle and passed an award to this blog!   Visit his website and enjoy this post about the Leibster Award!  Thanks, Dale!  Forgive me for being quite tardy in responding!

Dale wrote,To be nominated, you need to have a blog that has fewer than 200 followers, answer the questions, nominate some other blogs, and pass on the questions to them, or write your own.    (I have not been able to determine whether it’s supposed to be 5, 11, – or any number in between – of blogs to nominate or questions to set, so I’m going for five of each)… ” 

Sounds like a good plan to me, so here we go!   A few of his questions made me chuckle.. are you ready?

What made you start your blog?   People were always asking if I had a website.  I finally bit the bullet and opened a WordPress account!

How did you pick your theme?  Totally new to the WordPress world, I spent about an hour looking at options, then selected the one that seemed best for my needs. 

What band would you join if you could?  I would get egged for my singing abilities, though I would love to experience the magic of Pink Floyd/David Gilmore!  Dire Straits/Mark Knofler would be an easy second!

What new ending would you give a movie, and why?  I would end Corelli’s Mandolin the way it was written in the book!  She hurled a skillet at him!

What animal would you bring back from extinction, and why?  This one stumped me;  would we bring them back only to destroy them again?  If so, it would seem more compassionate to let them rest in peace.

Now, to pass this laterally to a few others:

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Australia and South Africa hail a positive and good-natured blogger;  visit Modoqua’s  blog and enjoy her posts!  http://madoqua.wordpress.com/about/

Carol, a Louisiana transplant living in Florida, is a multi-talented artist with a focus on photography.  She has been posting some amazing images lately!  Enjoy her blog, http://carolloethen.wordpress.com/

When I see this address in the new-post notices, I prepare for lovely images.  Take a stroll through his posts and see if you agree!  http://niltsi.com/2012/11/18/birds-of-winter/

Visit Travels with Toby and enjoy beautiful images and interesting posts that cover a wide range of topics.  You can practice yous Spanish with her as well!   Visit her blog here: http://travelswithtoby.wordpress.com

Questions; Using three of Dale’s, I’m adding two more taken from questions that were presented to him:
1) As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

2) What book would you happily read over and over again?

3) What made you start your blog?

4) What band would you join if you could?

5) What new ending would you give a movie, and why?

Thanks, Everyone, for that warm, fuzzy feeling of being appreciated! Z