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Three musuem shows in three cities in four  months depleted my energies, and I am not surprised that my body waved a huge flag and demanded, “BASTA! DESPACIO! STOP!  SLOW DOWN!”   Aside from the random case of dengue fever, loss of vision, reaction to msg, and allergic reaction to scorpion’s venom,  I stay healthy and active.   On retrospect, I was not surprised that my body kicked me to bed for the entire month of October for an all-but strangling mystery cough.  Six weeks later I am 100% well, strong, and cough free, but wow, did that experience ever make me thankful for good health!

Hopefully in several more days I  will post a few updates; a painting is patiently awaiting my attention, and it trumps managing photos and writing posts today! My only other distraction always taunts from outside the window:  the amazing birdlife that always captures my heart!

“Come on, Lisa! Don’t you want to come outside and play?”

All of you know how much I love nature, and many posts that should have been made on this site are rubbing elbows with posts on the other playamart site!





I sometimes have second doubts about writing negative words about a community that has embraced me as one of their own;   if no one speaks up about delicate issues like destruction of habitat and nature’s rights,  it’s as if we’re saying that it’s ok.  For every uncomfortable post like the four above, there are at least a dozen others that share my positive experiences in Latin America.

Please take time to read this  post about an amazing woman in Tasmania who loves trees and nature as much as I.    I am in awe of Miranda Gibson’s story!  Spend some time reading this story, and pass it on to others.


So Many Species Living Together In Harmony!

Thanks, everyone, and see you again soon!