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The loss of mangroves is an adjustment.  I am working through it, but it’s been hard.  What follows are a few images and random thoughts.

View from the House

2008 – What once was there….

… is no longer here…

What once was here…

…is no longer there…

This scene is not worthy of words… or the physical effort of words…

Only a memory of its former majesty, and the joy that habitat gave me.

(Mother Nature DID bite back – to my delight!)

And then there was one…


A lone sentinal

stretches new roots

in compensation for lost comrades.


I have found,

can be born from numbness.

A barrier the heart constructs

to protect itself from the reality

of what’s lost and can’t be reclaimed.

Why scratch a wound

that yearns to heal?

in resignation, we ignore it.


one can love too much:

A tree or a whimpering white ibis-

A feather 

(from that same ibis – or egret)

that floats down the river

beside the broken nest of twigs

that it once knew as home.


“Snowy Egret” photo by L. Brunetti

I continue to struggle with this pain.  

Yes, sometimes one can love too much.