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Dawn – Playa San Miguel Costa Rica –

“The morning, which is  the most memorable season of the day, is the awakening hour… and for an hour at least, some part of us awakes which slumbers the rest of the day and night.”  Thoreau

A primal alertness often awakens me in the pre-dawn hours, and I am drawn to the beach.  My almost-empty shoulder bag cradles my camera and  has reserve space for treasures I might find along the way.   Locking the door, I step into the darkness.  A primal serenity cloaks the darkened beach, and the barreling waves glow with foamy phosphorescence.   My eyes adjust to the low light as a gauzy veil of delicate mist caresses my skin;  walking briskly, I cross over the floatsam and set a brisk pace to catch the first light of the day.

Olive Ridley Sea Turtle –

At times the lone trail of a sea turtle instantly diverts my attention, and I scan to see if she has returned to the sea.   Watching baby turtles scamper to the ocean is an exhilarating experience, yet watching the adult females fills one with profound awe.

06:00 A.M. – Rewards for the Early Risers –

The pelicans, herons, egrets and gulls illustrate the old saying, ‘The early bird catches the worm,’ though fish, crabs and baby sea turtles are often their prey of choice.   After the colors of pre-sunrise slowly fade away, I leisurely poke and prod through playamart’s ever-changing inventory.  The never-ending eyesores of plastics remind us of today’s throw-away society.  We scowl at the waste, yet quickly forget when we chose plastics over reusable resources.   At times a true treasure reveals itself, and I rarely return home empty handed!

What Are We Doing To Our Planet?

“Who’s There?”

Discarded coconuts often reveal great treasures, and I move them from the shadows to the dramatic early-morning light for impromptu photo sessions.  Hermit crabs are usually the star performers!

Coconut B&B –







Hermits discovered the convenience of Bed & Breakfasts long before they became trendy in our world!

How fun it is to set a golden coconut in the early-morning sun and watch the hermit crabs scamper from the hole!  At times they reward me with a great range of attire, from understated monochromatic color schemes to inverted cones or calico-patterned shells.

Surely word has spread, and they utter, “Oh, no;  here she comes again!”

One shell seemed unique, so I paused to take a second look and almost dropped my camera!

No Way!


Surely Not!

But yes…




I trailed it, picked it up and -Poof! – it dumped its sporty house and streaked across the sand!

After recovering from the shock of seeing a toothpaste cap-clad hermit crab, I wondered if there might be more members to the latest-fashion club.

Sometimes one has to have an awareness before one can see.

The Streaker! –

(More crab-housing images, anyone?)  Z

“It came from PlayaMart!”

Playamart Board – Before –

Playamart – After-