Classic Morning at Playa San Miguel – copyright/Lisa Brunetti
(High tides claimed these lovely trees about one month after this image was taken.)

For a handful of years, I lived immersed in Costa Rica’s natural beauty.  Classic rainforest trees towered over my studio, and a quiet stream meandered through the quiet section of the Garden of Eden where I lived.  A troop of howler monkeys befriended me, and over the years they became my loyal guardians!  I mastered howler language much faster than I did Spanish!

This young monkey truly came within three feet from me! It was as curious about me as I was about it! The adult monkeys were not too happy to witness the cultural exchange! All photos copyright/Lisa Brunetti

My precious friend! – photo copyright Lisa Brunetti

Yippeeeeeee! Photo copyright/Lisa Brunetti

Early-Morning Coconut Trail! Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica

Pre-Sunrise – Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica – Photo Copyright/Lisa Brunetti

Siblings! Copyright/Lisa Brunetti

Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Sunset – Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica (copyright Lisa Brunetti)

Extremely High Tides at Dawn – Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica / Copyright – Lisa Brunetti

International Cultural Exchange – Groff Residence – San Miguel, Costa Rica photo copyright/Lisa Brunetti